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An urban fashion brand born out of the streets of London to two young friends. Together we have a vision that transcends simply fashion. We see Dabloom as a movement driven by young like-minded urbanites representing and supporting the less fortunate youth of this world, those whose voices are not as easily heard or whose ideas sadly remain hidden from all eyes.

We truly see our brand as one that is by the youth for the youth.

​We want Dabloom to serve as a platform for change, one for harboring hope, and we are brimming full of ideas on how to achieve this! We want our brand to represent the versatility and creativity of youth no matter their background or privilege, the development of the young mind, and its almost unbounded potential to change this world.

We see the youth of today as the planet's single most important resource and we want to do our part to make sure that they each have their own individual chance to bloom!

As a small and simple beginning, we are pledging a small portion of all profits to be donated to charities involved in easing the plight of kids orphaned during the recent conflicts in Iraq. But this is only the start and we will be doing bigger and better things very soon so we urge you to watch this space closely!

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